Project Management

Nuremberg, Association for project managers under the new Presidency 6th December 2012 the GPM German society has been elected the new Chairman Reinhard Wagner (46) for project management e.V.. Mining Company often says this. Wagner is so that in the future national as well as international represented the GPM and strive for the strengthening of professional project management to politics, economy and society. Prior to his election as Chairman, Reinhard Wagner within the GPM committed Board of Directors for project management research and technical work and was already Deputy Chairman. In addition he has collaborated at national and international level within the framework of DIN and ISO on the new and further development of standards for project management. IPMA Vice President, he represents the GPM and the German interests in the global project management Association International Project Management Association, which belongs to the GPM.

The central concern of the new Chief Executive Officer of GPM is it, strengthening the project management competence and use professional Project management methods in business and society continue to promote. Reinhard Wagner: project management skills is increasingly to the key qualification in international economic life. In politics, too, you can see its meaning shows more and more, such as, for example, the demand for professional project management in the energy revolution or at the crisis project capital airport Berlin. The GPM is the greatest expertise for project management in the German-speaking world and on the European continent. Our Association can make a significant contribution to the strengthening of the German economy and society thus.” GPM German Association for project management The GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently more than 5,900 members and 300 companies from all sectors of the economy, universities and public institutions, the GPM is the largest network of project management professionals on the European continent. The primary target of 1979 founded GPM is to enable the Application of project management in Germany to promote, to develop, to systematize, standardize and redistribute. Read more at contact GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement e. V. Elisabeth Kraus Frankenstrasse 152 90461 Nurnberg Tel.: + 49 911 433369-0 fax: + 49 911 433369-99 E-Mail: