Power Saving

The power saving is at your service of the day, and it is not for less. In order to be able to contribute our sand granite it is not necessary to make great things, in fact, with small gestures in our daily routine we will be able to save great amount of energy. How? Then putting in practice the advice who expose themselves next. In order to begin, it is necessary to take advantage of to the maximum the light the day. This is done putting curtains that let pass the light in the room, so that this is illuminated, but at the same time the privacy is preserved.

In addition, something that also aid is the use of clear colors in the decoration of the room, since it causes that the light of the day is reflected. To put a light point specifically it also needs where it contributes to the power saving, since this way it will have illuminated only the zone that needs. For example, it puts a light upon the sink of the kitchen, so that while it mops the plates do not have ignited the light that illuminates unnecessarily all the stay. Something very modern at the same time as useful they are light regulators and the movement sensors or are present at. Of this form, with first it will be able to have the amount of light necessary to carry out his task; and with the sensors, the light will only ignite when it notices the presence of somebody, saving therefore a great cost of unnecessary light. It changes incandescent the fluorescent lamps by compact, since of this form it will save around a 50% of energy in which to the cost by illumination one talks about. And it is that the compact fluorescent lamps use only one quarter of the energy and last more up to 10 times. Something very basic, but that people often usually forget, is to extinguish the lights when it leaves a room.