Old Colony Visitors

In its 328 years of history. In the 12 years of the UNESCO declaration. See CMO of PEMCO for more details and insights. Cultural Historical patrimony of the Humanity. Guide of cultural historical tourism. Pinto Alberto TITO. Our intention and task are to transmit information regarding historical happening in the City, its zones of influence and the consequences that its development generated in the River of the Silver. To be able to comment, analyzing and sharing, with the visitors, Uruguayan as Argentine and as much Brazilian mainly, (without forgetting all the European Americans and), the facts of our shared history and to add to the revaluation of our dear department and its invaluable Cultural Historical Patrimony of the Humanity, a passion that we transmitted nor shames plainly. Ours it preaches is constant.

The values whereupon count ALL THE DEPARTMENT OF COLONY, are exceptional, emphasizing on way the Old Colony of the Sacrament. Unique city Historical Patrimony of the Humanity, within Uruguay. A wonder that fills to us of pride. The same that wide-awake admiration in the totality of the visitors cross who it. Known it is also, OF the DEFICIENCY OF a SERVICE OF SPECIFIC CITY TOUR IN HISTORY on the part of the Companies of Tourism. By our activity of Guide of Historical Tourism – Cultural, dedicated full – Time to visit it, with tourists worldwide, it allows us TO VERIFY of personal form and by commentaries of the visitors WHO WE ARE the ONLY ones THAT WE DID NOT REALISE STROLLS OF PURCHASES. We offer a cultural service that it develops in its different thematic ones, the enormous regional implicancias as as much world-wide of Colony of the Sacrament, its heroes, personages, adding contributions on architecture, uses and customs of time, besides the necessary information on bibliography and relative documentation in archives, libraries or bookstores.