Oasis Business

It sometimes happens that some phenomena bear no relation to their context and are charged coup sociological hermeneutics which explains them. An example: the music industry crumbles, countries lose control of their economy, risk premiums cease to be conflicting family female sector and become the devil who punishes South of Europe and yet, 50,000 people a day dispense all drama and meet at a superlative musical feast that seems not to repair or investment figures. Look, after the shock initial, all the world want you to relax and have a vacation. That the festivals are in crisis? Thats rubbish. Never going to disappear and will continue to be a business. Vince Power, the owner of the Benicassim FIB, lie on a small sofa in a festival booth and makes it clear from the start that whole thing is a business. Source of the news:: Oasis in the midst of the collapse