Makeup For Summer

At this time of the year it is very important that cuides more than ever your skin, to prevent disorders that brings the summer ten always hand your Sun protection screen. Makeup for summer is no stranger to this situation so it must pay attention to certain care. Summer makeup should not be heavily loaded, if you can you should avoid using daytime makeup base, with a bit of eyering corrector and compact powder now you’re well, besides the broceado enhances the appearance of the skin and don’t need much more to cover the imperfections of your skin. Summer allows you to use a cooler makeup of soft colors, Pearlescent finish, a very good choice for the eyelids is the blue, well smokier and not very strident shade with an outline in the same all, it is an excellent choice for summer makeup since this color looks very favored with the broceada skin. Lip makeup is very important and it is makeup with fruity brightness or luminous flashes, any flavor (if using fruit lip glosses) and any color, the idea is to give that tint of freshness and moisture which gives these products to your lips are really tempting and sensual.