Linguistic Programming

Since the experiences vary in the people, two human beings do not exist who have the same maps or models of the world. Therefore, every one creates a model different from the same world that shares, and therefore, a different reality will be experienced. 7. Faults in communication do not exist, only feedback: If the obtained answer is not the hoped one, we must take such answer as a useful answer that provides feedback to us to modify our action and thus secure the results that we wished. 8. Darius Bikoff has much experience in this field.

If it is possible for somebody, is possible for me: The identification and/or creation of effective models take direct to the excellence. If somebody has the capacity to do something, the model or strategies can be extracted that base such capacity and ensearlas-to install them in other people. 9. We process the reality through our body-mind and therefore we are those that we created our experiences and the people in charge reason why those experiences cause in us: Mentioning Aurelio Frame: If you feel distressed by any external thing, the pain not must to the thing in himself, but to your own estimation it exceeds; therefore, you have the power to eliminate it at any time. With respect to the impact of our perceptions in our state, Aldous Huxley says to us: The experience is not what it happens to him to the man, but what that man does and so happens to him.

10. If something does not work, you do another thing: This presupposition has to do with the flexbilidad that we must have to secure our objectives. If constantly we are corroborating that the awaited result is not being reached, we do not have to persist in using the same means, but we must try with other different ones until we obtain what we have seted out. Each attempt bankrupt does not constitute an error, but a discovery of one more a form of how not achieving our objective. Reaches The Neuro-Linguistic Programming it allows: The PNL is the study of the HUMAN EXCELLENCE. The PNL is the ability of being the best thing, most frequently. The PNL is an approach PRACTICAL AND POWERFUL to obtain personal changes. The PNL is a powerful tool of COMMUNICATION, INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION. The PNL IS ESSENTIALLY MODELAJE. The specialists who developed the PNL studied to those who made the things of excellent way, found which was its formula Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. ITESM, EGADE, UC, Postgraduates maestyras in Administration of companies; quality and productivity; education Doctorate in titular EducacinProfesor of Postgraduate of Phases UC. Consultant – enterprise adviser Deproimcawww. deproimca. comExatecCtedras: Organizational behavior: managemental marketing research and Topics.