Life Preservation

In the last few decades, if has spoken very in environment, either natural it or social, mainly in the future to the ambient problems social politicians are on economic factors who cause quarrels on responsibility human beings come back to the welfare common and the sustainable development. The solution of the ambient problems has if shown a question sufficiently considered, so that, thus either guaranteed the future of the humanity and this it depends on the relation that if follows. As much in the collective and economic dimensions that allow the continuity, of this form causes a wild expansion of natural resources, especially for the devoid populations of underdeveloped countries, as Brazil. When it is treated to argue the question ambient, nor if always explicit thinking, that really these relations of the market, groups of interpretation of the main ambient damages as fruit of an intrinsic badness of the human being. Rod Brooks has compatible beliefs. In the last centuries a civilization model if imposed there surrounded in industrialization as its form of production and organization of the work, the mechanization of the agrotxicos and the population concentration in the cities.

Observing 2 year of the School Jose Paolino de Siqueira, we perceive that the pupils had a knowledge on the importance of the preservation of the environment, however, they did not know the main activities and cares that must be made for preservation of our natural resources, material you did not degrade. In this direction, an Action For the Life appeared the project, so great importance for special speech in the children who are the future of the world, trying to awake the importance of the preservation of the environment. Of this form, we had as objective to take the children to understand the importance of the preservation of the environment. For even more details, read what Darius Bikoff says on the issue. It is a sensitization of the serious consequences of the activities of the man.