LCD TV Or Plasma TV?

TV comparison: which is better, a TV with LCD or plasma technology? The rapid development in the electronics industry is mainly on the subject of TV to watch: Increasing the offer of TV technology and the prices of the individual devices come from the initially high prices on a price level down, where many can afford a large screen TV. However, since the question of whether to make a naturally arises LCD TV or a plasma TV to buy? But to make this decision, you need to know some basics. A comparison between a plasma TV and LCD worth TV only a size of a screen diagonal from 37 inches to what 94 centimeters. This is because devices with plasma technique is only produced from this size. Has been shown in the past that TV with TV shows and movie DVDs had plasma a slightly better picture than LCD TVs.

This became evident in the more fluid movements and the plasma television could properly represent the color black. At the most LCD TV was to recognize only a dark gray at night shots. But with the today’s LCD TVs, where the built-in 100 – or 200-Hz technology working properly, also the colors are displayed correctly and the movements run fluently. Both types of devices, LCD TVs and plasma TVs, have certain advantages and disadvantages. Leave plasma TV shown for subjects such as still images, on-screen menus or similar pictures.

This can lead, as far as, that these points will no longer despawn. When the most plasma TV forms a reflective windscreen, which is disturbed in bright rooms of the reflections from Windows and lamps. Of course a plasma TV offers some advantages. The colors are natural reproduced at the TV with a trick. This is especially in skin tones. Another plus of plasma TV is that the appearance of the image of the page is still excellent. Many LCD TV, however, is the image of the page Milky. One advantage of the LCD TV is the front cover is matte. This causes no annoying reflections. The integrated special glass makes stronger colors. In TV, a new trend emerging at the moment: more LCD TVs have LEDs as the light source. Basically, are this plasma TV, television offered as LED. This mixture is television, whose fluorescent tubes are replaced by small lamps but no new televisions, but LCD. Conclusion: A good LCD TV is overall more versatile than a plasma TV. The LCD TV is less sensitive to changing light conditions. The LCD TV is even better as a game console and to the port of a computer. But who wants to make a cozy evening in a living room, TV a plasma is better suited. Article by Valentin D.