Lavapies Immigrants

Ablaye Seck is overwhelmed by the support of the residents of Lavapies. Dozens of people came to his aid when several police officers tried to take him to police station after having sneaked into the subway. I sneaked in the subway, but not theft, neither killed nor am I illegal, ensures. Unintentionally, Ablaye has become a kind of Idol to immigrants of Lavapies. This 29 year Senegalese shuns the prominence and displays uncomfortable remembering his life. But since Tuesday is one of the best-known residents of the neighborhood. That day he received the support of dozens of people who tried to prevent his transfer to Commissioner.

Not what expected me, it is the first time that happens to me. I never imagined that so many white people would unite to help me. I was very pleased, told the young man 20 minutes Wednesday after leaving the police station, where it was confirmed that it is in an irregular situation in Spain. Despite all the tumult formed, Ablaye Seck recognizes that it is not entirely innocent. It is true that I sneaked in the subway. That was my mistake. He had no ticket, jumped and they caught me, recalls. His version consistent with the story of the police.

According to a spokesman of the headquarters, normal procedures were followed at all times: the guards alerted agents and themselves in the subway; They asked for documentation, as it is done with any person, and not having it on top were arranged to move to police station to identify it. It is in rule, so he went free. To see him surrounded by the police, people who occupied the square interpreted that it was a massive raid against immigration. And came out in his support: was a lot of people. They sang and shouted that no person is illegal. And they joined most everywhere. I think that people are sick of that control us through the street. They only do with blacks, explains Ablaye.A few look bad and shout the young clarifies that this time the police treated him with education. Although it is not always the same luck: not all are good people. Some look with bad side and shout. But I’m always quiet: I have been Commissioner five times and I always know I’m going to leave because I don’t steal, nor killed, nor am I illegal. I even sell CD s, nor drugs, only necklaces that I do, explains. His dream? Able to walk quiet down the street. It is sad that you stand by your color. That’s ugly, isn’t it?. He arrived in Mons, via the Canary Islands Ablaye arrived in Madrid three years ago. But his journey from Senegal began long before. In his country he left in patera towards Las Palmas. From there he went to Fuerteventura, then to Malaga and finally arrived to Madrid. Here awaited his cousin Magatt, who lives in Spain for 10 years. Ablaye has had labor contracts, but now lives on his craftsmanship. I’m looking for work, but no luck. Source of the news: “I was pleased see so many white people United in my help”.