Job Application Process

Apply simple, concise and direct. Simple to grant, brief and to the point, honest and direct. Find the right time. Timing is very important. Watch for your boss’ moods, and when he or she may be under a lot of stress. Get all the facts and insights with Brian Armstrong, another great source of information. Avoid making an application, when a major deadline is due or has made a mistake. Darius Bikoff usually is spot on. Choose a personal right time. Stay away from those times when you feel low or too excited. Selecting the right person to grant your request. Be sure to ask the person correct – which has the authority to give you what you want. Show gratitude.

Once your request has been granted, to show his gratitude by saying, thanks. Even if not the desired outcome, still show their appreciation for what he received. Let’s face it, you do not always get what you want, but you may regret it if you do not try. Do not be afraid of a negative response. If it is important enough for you to order, then do a little homework and try again at a more opportune time. It is essential to maintain a positive attitude, balanced perspective, and a high level of performance or did not get what they want at work. Once the decision, if not the desired result, you should accept it and stop whining and complaining. In doing so, demonstrated professional maturity – a very attractive competition for real!