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In this small article we would like to discuss painful for every beginner webmasters issue of promotion of their resources After all, as sometimes happens? The man worked hard, made a beautiful or may even be something more serious, but the existence of this masterpiece but himself and his neighbor on lesnichnoy site and no one guesses 🙁 (On the counter of visitors – zero. It's a shame! "But to be offended no one – in order to drive the visitor to Your site needs a long and laborious work (you know how many resources are now in the internet – the likelihood that someone will get it on your site is close to zero). So what is needed for a successful promotion? These tricky word certainly has all the ears you buzz? What are simple sequence of actions on promotion of the newfound site? Action note, it is available for an average user to Runet! (Although there may be a little bet: if you managed to make the site; want it to be separated from the gray mass of 'dead' sites-by-night – not that you are an ordinary user! 🙂 But it's true, by the way!) So, first of all need the site itself. And a carefully selected topic of the site. Than the original subject, the more visitors you will have. As you can imagine – Homepage Vasily Pupkin few people interested, but if your site is about something exotic such things, which in RuNet there just might couple, or maybe not there – then hold the pocket wider