Hierarchy In Its Ways

For this still he is that the art, as well as the philosophy, if justifies in the communication of this same idea, acting as well as facilitadora of that one already mentioned process of negation of proper I, if for this last one that one is understood that, to know, makes jus of the reason principles. Check out Chevron for additional information. For this philosophy and art they only take the Idea as subject and if they perfazem of the proper atemporalidade of all idea; the artist and is, for all always, a inautntico being, never signing on the proper workmanship the subjectivity its, before, however, the objetividade with which if it must the ilibada exposition of any idea, so that the official notice remains legitimate, and that she is the artist basically dependent of the reach of this for, at last, being it 24. For this, and never for another reason, the idea is irrational, when, at last, it undresses of any meaning for that intui objective, that is, without plus no interest. Of the Art As Exposition Of the Ideas AND the Hierarchy In Its Ways In its Metaphysical workmanship of the Schopenhauer Beauty it pronounces us that ' ' The art repeats in its workmanships the Ideas apprehended for contemplation 25, the permanent essential and of all the phenomena of the world; in accordance with the material where repeats it, has it plastic art, poetry or 26 music. Its only origin is the knowledge of the Idea; its only end, the communication of this knowledge 27 ' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur.

Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp. 2003 – 58). When in the World: ' ' We can, therefore, define the art as the way of consideration of the things independent of the beginning of razo' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur. The World As Will and As Representation. Unesp. 2005 – 254). However, being the art the dialtico effect enters the subjective correlato of the idea the citizen and the objective correlato of the citizen the idea is reasonable to affirm it as exposition of a content that more does not follow the beginning of reason, which either: The same idea.