Georgia Carp

Typically, the length of shock leader is two lengths of rod. In the modern carp fishing, there are dozens of mounting options. We've been committed to the same design. Sinker, which is nicknamed hour, fixed to a threaded protivozakruchivatelyu that allows you to quickly change it if necessary. To slide the soft flexible tube through the basket protivozakruchivatelya apply rigid steel wire with a loop at the end.

Then set the lock for goods and the plastic tube, which will be fixed swivel leash. All these details are to in case of a fishing line Carp rid yourself from Georgia. Then slide assembly to transform dull. Maximum weight 120 gr. It remains to bind the habits and installation ready. Carp leash, in fact the most subtle element of tackle.

Then determine the length of the hair, to which will be mounted two boilie with a diameter of about 22 mm. Measures the leash is about 40 cm and cut off. Pass through the free end of the leash through the eye of the hook. Hair length is chosen so that almost touched the baits the hook. Taking the hook bend over, need to make 15 turns of line around the shank, stacking evenly turn to turn. Then skip the free end of the leash through the eye of the hook and drag out. Strengthen unit quick-drying glue. Leash for two baits ready. Ends work traditional test zatseplyaemost hook. If thrown over a hook in his finger tightening turns to a finger tip and Narawa vpitsya the skin, then it will behave well and in the mouth of a carp. Carp fishing on the river difficult from a tactical point of view, than angling in a closed basin. Much depends on the proper choice of fishing. Carp prefer to stay away from the main stream, where turbulence and formation of reverse flow. In order to successfully catch a carp on the river, tackle, too, must suit the situation. It is necessary to use powerful rods for casting heavy weights. To use the usual rod racks under the detectors. On the river, where there is a strong they allow for very high lift rod apex. Use fishing line 0.35 mm. Shock-leader has a breaking load of 21 kg. Leash length about 35 cm in this case, it is easier to find a stable position on the bottom and will not deter carp, hanging out on the course. 'How to foods – and says polovish'-fishing wisdom. This wisdom applies to carp fishing. The main task in the course to keep the bait in the area of fishing. The best remedy for this common clay. Add it cut into two baits, as well as corn. To get involved in a lot of corn is not worth adding, since it will attract a large number of white fish. Doing so few prikormochnyh balls. We supply the balls in the zone of fishing with a boat, or special slingshots. Now proceed to the fishing. Before reflux dip baits in a special aromatic compounds, attracting carp from a distance. After casting, barely snap hits the surface of water, you must put your index finger on the spool of line and slow down the descent from the spool. It remains to establish the rod to the rack, turn on switch and wait. Under these conditions, you is sure to capture the trophy specimens of carp.