Dental American Association

However, to if substituting the conventional image for the digital image we will be able to reduce in very this subjectivity and to evaluate for the gotten registers the specific radiopacidade for each material and its respective commercial marks, beyond diminishing the impact of chemical contaminantes in the nature (TANOMARU-FILHO, TANOMARU and GONALVES, 2008). The Dental American Association determines in its norm 57 that material as the cements forradores the hidrxido base of of calcium present bigger optic density of what the optic density of the dentine, however done studies demonstrate a significant variation enter the ash tones gotten by the analysis of the digital x-rays for different commercial marks of this type of material (BISSOLI and cols., 2008). Other studies made through digital x-rays demonstrate different optic densities for fotopolimerizadas resins, however what in the flame attention it is that some marks present inferior density to the one of the complex enamel-dentine, what it will be able to make it difficult the diagnosis of cariosas injuries (HOTTA and YAMAMOTO, 2009). Some authors prove that exactly after its clinical removal, doubts how much to the permanence or not of fabric cariado, and the quality of the remaining dentine appear. They have been carried through research of control of the removal of the dental caries through the subtraction of computerized radiogrfica image (BAKSI and ERMIS, 2007). The Imaginologia favors the diagnosis even though and the prevention of clinical situations undesirable, as: ) The Syndrome of the Tooth Gretado or SDG that is the set of signals and symptoms associates to the one presence trinca in the enamel, that can extend the dentine to it. Being a condition that can cause discomfort or acute pain to patient (BISSOLI and cols., 2008). b) Breakings radiculares for the use of prefabricated bolts intra-radiculares that they can be fixed and they will support total crowns, being quepequenas recesses compensated for the face-hardenings can create friveis areas (BORNSTEIN and cols., 2009).