Croatia – Holidays In Omis Holiday

When you walk today through the winding, narrow streets of Omis, you can still feel the history under your feet. The white marble feels hot, and tells a long story. In defense of the once looted treasures of the pirates built the two forts Starigrad and Mirabela. Even today they are an integral part of the attractions of Omis. The castle on the hill must be climbed by a variety of levels. But the outlook paid all troubles and worries.

The town of Omis has settled at the mouth of the rapid river Cetina. This is where once the pirates have rausdrangen from Omis and have retreated into the nooks and crannies and dark Cetinatal. But even there they drove her further harm. Plundered demanded tolls from and robbed everything and everybody. Venice had long struggled with the pirate settlement. But in 1444 the Venetians conquered the city and freed them from the pirates. Today you can drive up the Cetinatal and after about 7km is a romantic mill is located in a restaurant.

Here You can take a rest, have dinner or go out of here walking. Nearby there is also a pleasant start, can go from where you can swim well in flux. The river dug its way through large and impressive gorges, with spectacular scenery for hikers, climbers and walkers. In the area there are many beautiful beaches. Some gravel beach, partly sandy beach. Also there is no shortage of activity options. So you can go climbing in the canyons, or take a rafting on the River. The town of Omis and surrounding area offer a wonderful backdrop for a varied and exciting holiday.