Canary Islands

The hospitality and tourism has always been one of the most profitable businesses in Spain, especially in summer times. The summer months represent an important source of employment for professionals in this field, who see the summer as the best time to leave the unemployment situation. In fact, many workers in the catering and tourism around the country who migrate to coastal areas to work during the hottest months. But they are not only the professionals of this sector which have a job in hospitality and tourism opportunity, since there are many people who, even without experience in the sector, leveraging the activity of the hospitality and tourism during the summer months to improve their employment situation. Young students who are looking for their first job or unemployed from any other labor branch in the hospitality and tourism sector have a good chance to clean up its economy. The economic crisis that shakes our country has caused that available for summer jobs are less of the usual, but why not hospitality and tourism has ceased to be an interesting opportunity for those who need to increase their income. So profitable has been traditionally hospitality and tourism in our country than in certain coastal areas, as the Canary Islands, Balearic or the Costa del Sol, some related to the hospitality and tourism business owners, including also some employees, were allowed the luxury of working only for five or six months a year, devoting the rest of the time to rest and plan the next season. Although the hospitality and tourism sector has not been spared from the economic crisis, there are still professionals who can afford this luxury..