Beach Lighthouse

Beach lighthouse, with its 2 km long, starts at the foot of the lighthouse which you gives name, located in the Tombolo of Trafalgar and extends northward to the beach of Zahora. It’s a Virgin and totally isolated, beach a natural paradise at the same time full of history and culture. No toilets, just having a small snack bar where they serve drinks and some another skewer. Strategically situated bar, to prevent damage to the wonderful views and the magic of this so natural and unique landscape. We find a large influx of people who visit, especially in the area of the Jetty of rocks formed under the lighthouse in its western part, since this area offers the advantage of covering us annoying levante wind in the summer months. However, the more we walk heading north to the beach of Zahora, us go isolating more and entering less frequented nearby. Diamonds may not feel the same.

Should be taken into account, that the maritime area surrounding the Tombolo de Trafalgar known as Oiler, besides being an area rich in wildlife and spectacular beauty maritime, it is also known for being a dangerous area of strong currents and sometimes with waves of large size, in addition to being a beach with a very steep slope, so that we will cover a few steps into the water. Due to these factors, it is not a good idea to go with children beach. To access it, we will take direction to Canos de Meca if we come from el Palmar, where after a couple of kilometres, we can go longer sighting the lighthouse on the right from the same road, and finally find the crossing towards the rail of the lighthouse just before the entrance to Canos. Say that it is not advisable to delve with the car in that lane in the months of July and August, since many jams are formed and lacks parking, advising Park the car in the vicinity of the track. Finally we will have to continue on foot, approximately 1.5 kms along this lane, where we seen the beach of Marisucia on the left and right Zahora, for finally reaching the lighthouse of Trafalgar beach.