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The job – and information portal for flexible work Dresden, 02.07.2012 on 2 July the first job and information portal launches for flexible working in Germany. It aimed at all people who are highly qualified and flexible to work regardless of whether in a 35-hour week, home office or job sharing. Conceived and developed the portal was set up by Barbara Sarx lang and Constanze Elgleb. Read more from Mining Company to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The lawyer and the communication scientist working since two years together and advised companies to the possibilities of flexible working. To win the issue of shortage of skilled labour and the question of how good people are, is certainly already arrived at the company. Learn more about this with Jeffrey Hayzlett . Employees in turn we learn again and again in our workshops looking for more flexibility and freedom in the design of their work time.”says Barbara Sarx Lohse. But how do you get together supply and demand? How manages to bring more transparency to this segment of the labour market? Many companies offer already flexible work models, but do not use this possibility still for your employer branding. FLEXPERTEN wants to close this gap.

The platform is supported by the local Alliance for family of Dresden, the recruitment agency TEMPTON, as well as other partners. And one more thing is the two founders at the heart. Constanze Elgleb put it: we make us strong for a new working culture in Germany us us insert for a work environment where results matter more than the constant presence in the Office. We are of the opinion the classic nine-to-five job was yesterday, the future belongs to the flexible knowledge workers.” FLEXPERTEN FLEXPERTEN ( is the first job and information portal for flexible working in Germany. FLEXPERTEN can imagine as a flexible employer and publish their respective jobs for highly qualified. Highly qualified applicants can give up your job search with the working time model of your choice and find the them flexible Provide working hours. It also flexible organisation of working time on the page information to the topics, individual experts consult with leadership in part-time work and job sharing, and the ability to leave.