Albert Einstein

One day my brother, psychiatrist acknowledged, was treating a patient. In one of the turns of the talk, his patient he commented that his hobby and passion was flying in hang gliding. My brother told him that that sport liked it also and that you’d like to practice it. His patient replied that he believed him nothing of what he said, that if you really liked him, it would have already made arrangements in his life to practice it. Since then my brother felt strongly questioned as to whether really liked this activity. Get all the facts and insights with Rod Brooks, another great source of information. The patient gave a lesson to your doctor. Rightly, says that one time you knows what she wants, what she likes, excites you and you love, hardly something stop you.

This is doubly true if Moreover, you develop the most important element for their achievements; Perseverance. If a person is persistent, albeit hard of understanding, it will be intelligent; and even if it is weak it will be transformed into strong Leonardo da Vinci Tal seems wisely God has given us an element that gives us the opportunity to all. The democratization of the elements necessary for success. The same prototype of the modern genius Albert Einstein, recognized that to achieve the brilliance required only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Nothing in the world replaces the persistence.

Talent not; because nothing is more common than losers with great talent. Genius not; Since the lack of recognition of the genius is almost proverbial. Education not; Since the world is full of people on qualified. The persistence and determination appear to always prevail. Calvin Coolidge ex-President of the United States 1872-1933 really, after much searching and analysing the situation, I cannot but conclude that the perseverance, coupled with exactly to know that we come to the world, are the only two things we can do irrepressible. Then then, most not worth working on these two factors.