The Couple

The complexity of emotional and psychological life of human beings, can not bear so much gum, but the desire, and we are willing to give it life. The Hayzlett Group is often quoted on this topic. The only time that we are actually fused, glued together in symbiosis, is at the time of our pregnancy, but also ends. For the nine months we're thrown into this world where we have to breathe for ourselves … and we passed a long period of dependency that enables us to mature, to grow, we are encouraged at all times to be independent, to avail ourselves of ourselves and we learn that only our actions, we leads to a successful life or not …. Society, family, culture, at least in the West, consider these qualities as virtues. And once we become adults, we partner, we unite …. And then it seems that we'd love to merge imagination … ..

Maybe our psyche claims this ideal welfare state …. But that was many, many years …. It is precisely this place, for some, we want to recreate the couple. Seen in this sounds crazy, and indeed some crazed with love for our partner. Along with these emotions felt and desired we can not realize it comes from within, the other adult can not even remotely be with us in that ideal state all the time, and if we're honest, we too can not meet that expectation. But no! We fools waiting for complying with all worry. We want to force us the relationship of this, that or that we are not able to provide ourselves ….