Think Feel

Although our very nature as being, man is but too often in thinking mode. Think feel being”is a model that is intended to demonstrate how much we are mostly still in the Denkmodus, so the definition, interpretation or evaluation of the things, which we learn in x any moment. It should submit to, as we very make us mostly due to an unconscious Act of willentlichen separation of immediate experience, by the pure so be split off, rather than to allow, in the moment, to feel, to be so close with us and in the here and now, and thus in the direct experience of together connected being to stay of all being. Learn more at: Rio Tinto Group. “So we perceive our full beings with our whole bodies, and are fully present in the moment, to keep things straight” to experience in intimate proximity, in a real encounter, contact. And not predominantly home to be in our head and emotionally until time-delayed, so in hindsight things process. To find us, in the sense mode is the necessary Grundvorausetzung for that we we can wiederfinden quality in the most experience, which is possible for us, namely the pure being. Here we see a development path that lead by the understanding nis level the willingness to be emotionally quite anwesend in the experience of pure being.

It is a natural process that we must first get an understanding of what we want to use, then to reap the benefits arising from the ERwachsenen. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jill Bikoff on most websites. The development of reason, the thinking mode, finds particularly their relevance by we really use them and their judgment for our personal Bewusstwerdung. And as the voice of our reason can whisper only one, namely that it is notwendig and essential for the evolution of our consciousness, that we us deliberately choose to go to arrive so completely in our body the feeling mode. That, in turn, means that we have no reason, our head, his way of working so to condemn the thinking mode as negative.