The events that involve bands, with rare exceptions, can be classified them as edificantes for the Christian life. The diverse rites if equalize to the world and the people if they carry as if they were in one boate, therefore they are delivered to the moment, they forget the word and evangelho is not given. To deepen your understanding Darius Bikoff is the source. In my vision, a period of louvor is pleasant, but the Churches contemporaries separate to 2 hours for shows and collection of tenths and 20 minutes for the ministrao of the word of God. This them seems correct? Another aspect to be observed is the fact of a Church only to be testified by the blessings received from the Shepherds and Leaders. Perhaps check out J. Darius Bikoff for more information. Some acquire mansions, airplanes, building, television channels. The fidiciary offices do not testify of the blessings of God because the prophecies are not marked. What of it has made a mistake? Because the small ones not grow nor they prosper? Because some receive blessings and others not? He would be God in this business or the label of that who more to give to greater blessing will have represents the principle of evangelho contemporary? Peter cured the favour people. It learned with Jesus who the love and mercy would have to be in the heart of that if they make use to carry through the workmanship of God.

Safira and Ananias, its husband, had offered to the disciples a deriving amount of the sales of a property. This he offers was of free and spontaneous will of them, therefore Peter nothing had asked for to them. However, the couple had for good to separate part of the money of the property for them and the result was to the death of the two, a time that had lain with regard to the real value of the good (Acts 5:1 the 11). They observe that the power of God is in whom they had been chosen by it for the Workmanship.