The Worldlife Fund

Today it is known that the society lives in a state of interdependence in relation to the ecosystem even so many to affirm that is about dependence. if we could calculate how much of extension of land we would have to restitute in relation what we consume of energy per year, which would be the form more adjusted to make this replacement? Perhaps of this type of questioning this tool capable appears to mensurar the corresponding ecological space to support one definitive system or unit, Wackernager & Rees (1996). In middle of the decade of 80 the footprint human being would reach the apex of its sufficiency of use of natural resources, wants to say that from this decade all the natural resources already if would have depleted and that the continuity of its use lead the world to the insustentabilidade. The Worldlife Fund will be Nature (WWF) (2002) it informed that the world-wide footprint in 1999 was about 2,29 hectares global for person whereas the biocapacidade for person was of 1,9 hectare what it represented a 20% deficit. To leave of these data it is well clearly that the Ecological Footprint Method is of far one of the tools most elaborated to mensurar itself where support degree the ecological system if finds, and which regulatory measures are more acceptable so that if it can guarantee a real development with support, practicable sistmica and. However a line exists that we teimamos in crossing, whenever the supplies of natural resources tend if to become scarce, us soon we substitute for another equivalent, and alone then we treat to brighten up the ambient impact caused by what already we consume and the times much that delayed, thus leaving I begin to take care of it basic of the support of the development. The pointers presented here will consolidate its effectiveness when comprovadamente to establish practical systems of presentation of its results and reports, a time since such calculations are demasiadamente complex and is not of public domain, being in such a way the way as it must be presented still is an incognito, visa that the least for the time being if does not have the news of an unifying tool for the public spreading of the reports conclusions and results gotten through the avaliativas tools that are for the time being only of domain of the scientific and institucional way. .