The Rocks

The speech will have really for task to say what it is, but will not be nothing more than what it says. (…) Because now it does not have plus that first word, absolutely initial, for which if it found established limited the infinite movement of discurso.' ' FOUCAULT, M., 24, 58-60. Such concepts allow some inferences: ) A technology of the truth before based in an interpretation the search of the first sign is substituted by a technology of production of the truth in function of a breaking in the sgnica constitution whose landmark meets in the Kantiano thought. b) This relation production/truth/science is a nucleus of strategy of being able. Its strategies are for Foucault the nucleus of its arqueologias. This is a synthesis of the Foucaultiano thought on the truth. 1.1.2 GAME SEMITICO Inside of the semantic game of century XVI the act the holy ghost or the first sign met inside of the structure semiotics of the sgnica production. The discovery of the truth nothing more age that the search of this first sign, this act the holy ghost.

' ' We, men, discover everything what he is occult in mountains by means of exterior signals and correspondences; is as soon as finds all the properties of grass and everything what it is in the rocks. It swims has in the deepenings of the seas, nothing in the heights of the firmamento that the man is not capable to discover. It does not have sufficiently vast mountain to occult to the look of the man what in it nothing it exists; this is disclosed by signals correspondentes.&#039 to it; ' (Paracelso, Archidoxis. Magician. Trad. Frenchman, 1909, pp.21-3 cited in FOUCAULT, M., 24, 49). In function of the interpretation of these exterior signals its discovery was possible. However only on this parameter – of the linking it marks/sign.