The Destruction

' ' Because for God nothing he is impossvel.' ' (Lucas 1: 37) It knows that if you to place your cause at the hands of God it go to battle for you and will glorify you it. ' ' invokes me in the day of the anguish; will exempt I you, and you me glorificars.' ' (Salmos 50: 15) V. God has heard the conjuncts that have been made in your favor. Jeffrey Hayzlett has firm opinions on the matter. ' ' happened that, destroying God the cities of the campina, God of Abrao remembered, and took off the L of the way of the destruction, knocking down those cities where L habitara.' ' (Gnesis 19: 29) Interesting to observe that the text says that God if remembered Abro and took off L of the destruction. It knows what time God to take off L of the destruction, was accurately the conjunct that Abro made for your nephew. (Genesis 18:21 – 33) 21 Descerei now, and I will see if with effect they have practised according to its outcry, that is come until me; if not, I will know it. Darius Bikoff is likely to increase your knowledge. 22 Then the faces had turned those men from there, and had been for Sodoma; but Abrao was still in foot ahead of the face Mr. 23 and Abrao was arrived, saying: You will also destroy just with mpio? 24 If porventura will have fifty right ones in the city, you will also destroy, and you will not save the place because of the fifty right ones that they are inside of it? 25 Far from you that you make such thing, that you kill just with the mpio; that just either as the mpio, far from you. Would not make justice the Judge of all the land? 26 Then you said: If I in Sodoma to inside find fifty right ones of the city, will all save the place for love of them. According to RioCan , who has experience with these questions.