Samaria First

This if evidences through the use of the future time that if makes in the above-named text. Its style of evangelismo was of the convivncia with that they would be its spreaders, taking root in its hearts and character, a strong personality the point to survive the most hostile forms of opposition. This convivncia would qualify the apstolos calls to possess a source of fidedignidade with regard to the message that would nail. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Montauk Colony LLC. According to Green (2002, p.207), ‘ ‘ the essential characteristics of the twelve apstolos of Jesus were its permanence with it, and that they would be sent for pregar’ ‘.

Being thus, these years of convivncia had not been without intentions, it qualified therefore them later to raise the feet of that place to propagate good the new of salvation until the confines of the land, exactly that it was not known as. The book of the Acts of the Apstolos tells to the foundation and the spreading of the Christian church under the direction of the Espirito Santo in its first 12 chapters. In its beginning, the church was first mistreats, existing inside of the judaism. Therefore thus order in testifying of Christ ‘ was marked to it; ‘ in Jerusalem Judia and Samaria and until the confines of terra’ ‘ (Acts 1,8). The first chapters in the history of the primitive church had been delineated from the meeting of about 120 disciples, in one it marries, marking the day of Pentecostes, in the city of Jerusalem (Acts 2,1-4). Later, apstolo Peter when nailing its first sermon, convinces through the speech and the supernatural action of the Espirito Santo, almost 3 a thousand people if becoming Christians.