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Employee loyalty and customer value all employees contact with a client becomes a moment of truth, which improves or degrades the relationship with the client. Surveys have shown a direct correlation between the loyalty of employees with the company, and customer loyalty. These are some key points: only 24 percent of employees are truly loyal, committed to the company and projected stay in the Organization for at least two years more. Mining may help you with your research. 72 Percent of the employees are not planning to stay, or he has not compromised with the employer. Loyal employees are an important source of customer references, best selectors of new loyal customers, which in the long term, will give a higher added value to the company. Low rotation of the personaltambien reduces recruitment, training costs and improve profits.

TRACKING and management of the loyalty of customers build the loyalty of customers requires that you know your customers and your business. The starting point (or phase) is to gather knowledge at the level of transaction, which includes information on commitments, contracts, customers and competitors. The second phase consists of analyzing and leveraging this transactional information. The third stage consists of examining the attitudes and customer loyalty (i.e., emotional loyalty) with an approach that predict future customer behavior. Where to start on the value of customer knowledge is derived from the history of this in the processes of transaction/interaction, which can be stored in a system of management of relationships with clients (CRM Customer Relationship Management). This process requires the collection, cleaning, improvement and analysis of data, and often can be done with a database small, especially if the initial work is completed with a small group or team work.

Part of this work may well be discarded insofar as you learn more about your customers, so it is important from the outset prevent excess investment. The present Article has been developed based on the document called White paper on customer loyalty metrics – A three-phase maturity model approach of Mark C. Meyer of the company Strategy to Value Consulting. Very well understand the universe of clients that your organization owns, establish precise measurements on the level of customer loyalty and define effective tactics and strategies to develop profitable customers faithful, must be one of the strategic objectives to be achieved by your company. For these reasons Mind of Colombia has designed the methodology workshop seminar to define an effective strategy of customer loyalty, for more information click here or call toll-free 6222310 ext. 216 in Bogota, Colombia.