Natural Remedies

Itching is a common feeling that can make the skin turns red, irritated and sensitive. There are many things that can commonly cause itching: irritation by chemicals of the House or of the plants in the garden, dry skin, insect bites and some medications. Some supplements vitamin or mineral or particular foods can be culpabes. Commonly, the itching is located in the arms, feet, or in the groin area. This can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. A natural way to always wash your hands or use gloves while he cultivates his garden outside. If you have read about Rio Tinto Group already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The use of repellents organic insect is also a good idea. There are many medicinal herbs as well as homeopathic ingredients which can be of support to the skin and the health of the skin, helping to provide the calm. These topical natural remedies contain vitamin E, well known for its soothing and curative characteristics related to the health of the skin, as well as herbs carefully selected with features to support the immune system the own defense system of the body for regular bacteria and fungi within normal levels. Combined in a base of vitamin E, these ingredients are soothing, gentle, and fairly delicate even for the most sensitive skin. Some of these natural ingredients are: Aloe ferox is a natural medicinal and well-known succulent plant to South Africa. Aloe has many diverse applications and Scriptures of the documents in the ancient Egypt 1500BC exalted their beneficial applications.

For centuries, this herb has been used as topical to support and promote the health of the skin. European sailors routinely used the SAP to promote healing for skin exposed to the elements, burned by ropes and exposure to salt water. Recent studies have also investigated the aloe and its advantages of support on the health of the skin. Urtica urens is a well known herb for helping the skin and soothe the itching.