Milton Sorotta

Invoicing of e-commerce in Brazil It does not consider the aerial sales of automobiles, tickets and auctions on-line.’ ‘ Table 1.5 notices impressive the increasing one of the invoicing of e-commerce in Brazil. In 2001 the country invoiced 0,54 R$ Billion in web, and seven years later, in 2008 I deal, it electronic of Brazil already invoiced R$ 8,20 billion, what it demonstrated the viability I deal of it electronic. The Forecast for the year of 2009 surpasses 10 billion Reals what it almost represents a growth of 1000% in electronic commerce in Brazil in only 8 years (to see Graph 1,1). Graph 1.1? Evolution of invoicing of e-commerce in Brazil Source: And-Bit – Compilation.Consumers of the Internet in Brazil Consumers in the Internet in millions As Table 1.6 is possible to identify that internautas Brazilian more products through the Internet see buying each time.

In 2001, only 1.1 million of Brazilians the net consumed products using. In 2007 the Brazilian consumption through web is perceived that, more than had an increase of 800% in relation the 2001, what it understands 9,5 million new consumers. 1,5 In agreement GOOGLE available information in the sites: The Google is one trocadilho of the word ‘ ‘ googol’ ‘ that he was invented by Milton Sorotta, nephew of the American mathematician Edward Kasner, to assign the number represented for 1, followed of 100 zeros.