Los Penitentes Ski Center

The viewpoint of the Aconcagua ascent is, without a doubt, one of the excursions more beautiful for a vacation in Mendoza. An excursion that enjoys second by second, and where the target looks just like an excuse to dazzle with the wonders of the journey. Until it arrives, of course, and visitors are face to face with the indescribable Majesty of the Aconcagua; a brave challenge. Those who travel to Mendoza often experience, with the passing of the days, the feeling of that already no landscape may surprise you. Such is the beauty of the Cuyo scenarios.

For this reason, it is a good idea book one of the last days of stay in the province for the excursion to the viewpoint of the Aconcagua. And surprised again, and forever. The first stop on the road allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of the Potrerillos dam, a scenario that calls both to relax and to the practice of extreme sports. So it is that in the area concentrates an extremely varied accommodation, between comfortable hotels, campings and spas up to of mountain. The path that leads to the mirador has the flavour of epic deeds. Between rock formations whose names the tourists will play to guess, as the turtle, the lioness or the monk, crossing the small and picturesque town of Uspallata and leaves behind the Picheuta Fortin, where a wing of the army of the Andes, under the command of the General Las Heras, fought his first fight against the Royalist Army. The mighty Mendoza River, with its crystalline waters daughters of the thaw of hundreds of mountains, accompanies the tour.

In Las Heras, in a fresh framework for malls and mountain creeks, applies visit to Las Bovedas, unique constructions with roof domed dating back to nothing less than the 18th century. The next stop will be at Los Penitentes Ski Center, an ideal time to enjoy the snow Mendoza. Build snowmen or sliding slope down with the technique as people’s ingenuity to baptized culipatin are two of the favorite during this high activities in the Road. But Los Penitentes offers many more options for entertainment and fun. There does an important trading centre, and each day open their doors, numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. 27 ski slopes and some of the most comfortable accommodations in Mendoza complete the tempting offer.