Latin America

3 Spain is one of the countries most affected by high unemployment figures. You’ve seen you on the obligation to reduce personal? In my case, as Free-lance worker not have seen me in such an obligation since development part of my work through self-employed commercial agents, and for the parts of the business such as the after-sale technical service and the logistics part (storage and transportation) I use the formula of the out-sourcing sub-contratando these services to third parties, professionals and specialists in these fieldshelping me in this way reduce and increase control of the costs of exploitation 4. Tell me about your company, start date, development, products, does how you’ve faced competitiveness under the trade name GO!? Forklifts, developing my professional activity as Free-lance focusing my work especially in the commercial brokerage and as a consultant on logistics projects for companies in the sector of transport and storage. I started this work in early 2009, after a crossing of the desert of approximately 3 years occupying executive positions in various companies, initially in the field of auxiliary machinery construction, and subsequently in new in the sector of industrial machinery maintenance. Previously, and since 1991 and until 1995 I developed my first activity as Free-lance for a prestigious German firm industrial electrochemical accumulators for power supply of industrial machinery maintenance; later, in mid-1996 and until the end of 2005, I started my first business venture being founder of a company dedicated to the same type of product and sector. Currently, the products offered under the name GO! Forklifts are focused on machinery maintenance (forklifts), and under the trade name Let s GO! We offer the services of consultancy and advice for companies in the logistics sector, as well as we also advise on issues of Import-Export, or from countries in Asia and Latin America. 5 You are a businessman who is part of the movement: No, to the Crisis. .