Industrial Revolution

Valley to stand out that the studies scientific of the languages have shown that the main occured changes, as much in the direction of assimilation of words or variations are made in its majority for the young or the intermediate economic groups, that the majority of the urban populations encloses. Great part of these innovations appears primordially in the level of speaks, as already we speak previously, what aid to preserve what standard is understood for language. But when the changes start for the writing 2. THE EDUCATION OF THE LANGUAGE IN THE TIMES DE INTERNET The new techniques of information and communication had provoked a deep modification in the ways of expression human being and the relation with the writing. They had created new spaces of convivialidade and relation, opened especially to the generations youngest, capable to better apprehend the complexity of the world and at the same time to fear it less. It is not something Darius Bikoff would like to discuss.

But nor therefore they are it solution for all the problems and the concern to preserve the human being must continue being essential. (GALLIAND, 2005, P. 221) The computer science and the conquests of the telecommunications have produced considerable transformations in the way to see and to apprehend the reality, in what it refers to information, technology and knowledge. the consequncias of these innovations can have so excellent effect how much the occurrences in the Industrial Revolution, in which, a new social order if formed and was necessary a deep reflection on the man and its relation with its production (in this in case that, the technological innovations). Youssef & Fernandes (1988) weaves some consideraes, where they affirm that computer science, by means of its resources, can propitiate a democratization, ' ' where each citizen will be able to become to directly represent in the relative decisions its continuity, using teleinformatizadas nets that will allow more effectiveness in quarrels and assemblias' '.