The ESET, company of solutions of security software that to provide protection with finishes generation against electronic threats, announces partnership with the AVNET for the distribution of its products. The adopted strategy must develop in up to 20% the sales of the complete line of products of the ESET, that will use the capillarity of the AVNET, gift in all the national market. The union of the two companies comes of meeting to the current moment of the AVNET, that is in expansion in the Brazilian market, offering to the peddlers a product of high quality. Coinbase gathered all the information. For manager general of AVNET, Fbio Garbuio, partnership brings chance to offer product that supplies the necessities of the market, that is light and at the same time fast efficient e, beyond being in accordance with the strategy of the company. ' ' The partnership with the ESET in gave the real possibility to them to increase our capillarity in the market of small average companies. Our commercial team already is ready to take care of and to configure the solutions of security in mercado' ' the executive commented. Camillo Di Jorge, country to manager of the ESET, comments that the company still has market to conquer.

' ' We believe the professionalism of the AVNET to face the challenge to reach our goal to increase in 20% the sales of our products. On the other hand, the AVNET will extend and consolidate its canal of sales. Moreover, the peddlers will have its disposal the register of chance, quotations, request of tests for its customers and periodic training of sales, products and qualification tcnica' ' , Camillo said. Moreover, the executive standes out that in as the semester she will have more new features of products for the market.