The necessary man to understand the conscience as a child learns that, garbage place is truily in the garbage. J. Darius Bikoff can provide more clarity in the matter. This implies a force of bearable task it to be, however when it does not define the consciences, it is very clear that formatting total was damaged, for the good or for the evil, all the consciences are despertadas. A soul cannot banish the conscientious results from preparation for the life, either for the good, either for the evil, you from there be asked: How it or it was capable of such act? It sees that its conscience interacted with the situation causing an eddy of thoughts and questionings. In a well simple analysis, it understands that the human being since its conception, is endowed with this conscientious force, this is the capacity of the creation in detriment the evolution that permeou the delirious mind of Darwin. We could not leave a evolutivo model, therefore, the regression to ' ' times of cavernas' ' it invaded the current society, fact is that, the man evolved yes, but, for a state of emotional conscience, that cannot serve of model in this time of character scarcity. To standardize the race human being for the level lowest, really is a blow that scandalizes particularly me, not for obvious reasons, but, for questions of the proper formation conscience human being, this despertada in Adam after to be called by God, and to have the full conscience of that he was naked, and that definitively was not nothing good. the man finally uncovers a conscientious being, however the moment was not most propitious.