California Way

Analysis of the film ' ' Sex, Amor and Traio' ' on the perspective of Transgeracional Psychology the Familiar Therapy was born in the United States, High Palo, California, of the decade of 50. As TONDO (1998, p.39), ' ' it can be said that everything started when some courageous pioneers had extended the vision on the insanity. They opposed themselves to the emphasis that focava solely the individual as being that one that develops and keeps its psicopatologia. Get more background information with materials from Mining. This change propitiated the reinforcement of the idea of that the context also influences in significant way the formation it sujeito' '. In this direction, the context most immediate to the citizen is the family which it is part.

The Familiar Therapy brought for the treatment the families, that is, this more immediate context of the citizen, being able to be defined as one ' ' technique of therapeutical intervention that has as main focus the alteration of the relations that if pass in the familiar system, with the objective of relief of the symptoms disfuncionais' ' In an ample way, families, in the occidental societies, can be characterized as a group of individuals that keeps consanguinity bows, being directed toward the creation of the children. In a sistmica vision, they represent systems opened in interaction with the way where they are inserted. They are based on economic questions and of property, permeadas for affection and feelings. They assume, therefore, the functions of protection of its members, as well as the one of transmission to its offspring of cultural standards of the society of which they are part. (NICHOLS and SCHWARTZ, 1998). The family is in constant interaction, adaptando itself it the different requirements of the evolutivos cycles that she covers. She needs to also adapt itself to the requirements of the context where she is inserted, thus assuring its continuity and the development of its members.