Balearic Islands

Keys to Charter a boat for the first time, and know where, how and to whom. To rent a boat, whether sailboats, motorboats or luxury yachts to sail or motor for the first time, it is very simple if we know someone trusted who recommend us seriously shipowner or a company and that provide us with the search for the options that best suit the needs. Depending on the purpose of the rent, whether you’re a private event (holidays, celebrations of Stag Hen, weddings, birthdays, etc.), or business (Marketing maritime conventions on board, incentives company, training, team building sailing, details towards our best employees, customers, etc.), is important to select the correct type of boat. Below are some tips to keep in mind. Step 1-complete boat rental or boat rental Plaza to Plaza depending on the number of people who will encourage to enjoy one or more days of navigation, the taste for speed or the tranquility, and of course the budget will affect to the choice of a sailing or motor boat. Normal out profitable would form groups of 6 up to 11 people.

Based on this will have to decide whether it compensates for or not, Charter a full yacht exclusively. If you cannot form one sufficient group, another interesting option, is that available aboard certain vessels and precious already established destinations in which is sold space on board for loose squares. It is a way to meet new people, lovers of the sea and navigation, and a philosophy of life similar to yours. Step 2.-boat with pattern or no pattern (with crew or bareboat) If you or anyone in the crew who initiates the experience, has the qualifications or experience required, is mandatory rent it the less with a pattern experienced in charter and which perfectly meet the ship and navigation area. It can also be interesting for those who want to or just get the qualification of PER pattern yacht or captain as appropriate to the desired length. There are many courses for this purpose. Step 3.-sailing or motor boat to sail or motor boat selection, will depend on your preferences and how to enjoy the sea and your holidays. The cost of a sailing ship, will almost always be less than one engine, not only by fuel consumption, but also because his bail will be much higher.

Step 4.-rent in high season, middle or lower choose in advance when and where you want to navigate, is very important because that is a limited number of boats, and sailing in Spain sector lives much international, especially in the North of European tourism. Plan with some time so it is important to qualify for better ships and conditions. It is also important to know that in high season, it is almost impossible to rent boats for loose days except in the case of sailing aboard a day boat charter (day bed), or taking advantage of a last Minute. Step 5.-encourage you now to rent a boat rental is a very good option for those fans to the sea without having to suffer the costs of purchase and maintenance of a boat (buy a boat). It offers the possibility of knowing different destinations and areas of navigation as Balearic Islands typology of boats, cuisine enjoy seafood of the local gastronomy, etc.