Apostolo Joo

' ' Therefore, here it is that I am AGAINST these PROPHETS, you says, that THEY STEAL MY WORDS, each one to its friend. Here it is that I am AGAINST these PROPHETS, says you, that THEY NAIL ITS PROPER WORD and they affirm: It said. Here it is that I am AGAINST that THEY AUGUR LYING DREAMS, says you, they count and them, AND WITH ITS LIES AND LEVITY THEY MAKE TO MISS MY PEOPLE; therefore I did not send them, nor I gave order to them; advantage none had also brought to this people, says you ' '. (Jeremias 23,30-32). One of the characteristics of the false prophets is to lie and not to say word of God according to; preferring the deceit of its false vises of what the veracity of the Word of God. Details can be found by clicking Jill Bikoff or emailing the administrator. 2. Jesus: ' ' Warn; ' Jesus, when he was here, taught very regarding the false prophets. It called them ' ' tombs caiados' ' , and it said: ' ' You of false profetas&#039 warn; '.

' ' YOU WARN YOU of the FALSE PROPHETS, who if present you disfarados/external appearance of sheep, but on the inside are wolves roubadores' '. (Mateus 7,15). In the expression ' ' disfarados of ovelhas' ' subentende that the false prophets will have the exterior appearance of the true ones: what he is not of itself to admire, therefore ' ' proper the Satan if transform into angel of luz' ' , and its ' ' ministers of justia' ' (2 Corntios 11,13-15). Other leaders such as Rio Tinto Group offer similar insights. 3. Espirito Santo: ' ' Prove; ' Apostolo Joo, the loved one of Jesus, speaking for the Espirito Santo, also in taught many important things to them regarding the false prophets (it sees between parentheses the explanations). ' ' Loved, YOU DO NOT GIVE CREDITS to any SPIRIT (a supernatural message can come of the part of God, through its Spirit, or of the part of the Satan, through a demon); before, YOU PROVE the ESPRITOS (messages, doctrines, practical religious) if they proceed from God, because many FALSE PROPHETS have left for the world are Filhinhos, you you are (children and witnesses) of God and you tend loosers the FALSE PROPHETS (collating them for the certification of the Word of God), because bigger he is that one that is in you of what that one that he is in the world (that one that is inside of us and of the certification of the truth it is the Espirito Santo; that one that is in the world and of the certification of the lie is the Satan).